About WipeOut Eraser

Using NanoFiber cleaning technology the WipeOut Eraser traps and lifts deep stains, dirt and scuff marks by just adding water.

The new handle system allows the eraser to wear out evenly extending the life of the bigger WipeOut Eraser.

  • Heavy Duty Design
  • 50% more cleaning power
  • Ordorless
  • Non- Toxic & Eco-Friendly
  • Made in Germany


It’s tough on all non-skid surfaces, fenders, power cable, bumper rails, wave runners, dinghy’s and much more.


Non chrome alloy wheels, leather interior, panels, and exhaust pipes.


White appliances, bathroom, doors, window sills, tiles, crayon, railings, wall, patio furniture, sneakers, athletic equipment, etc…


Hospital, commercial cleaning, cruise ships, corporate supply, hotels, airports, car wash, and construction companies.

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